Our Director-Teacher, Kate Damon (3/4 Class), came to Milldam in 2015. She has a BA from Union College and an MS in Early Childhood from Wheelock College. Her career in education includes 17 years of teaching Preschool and Kindergarten in the metropolitan Boston area. Along with her teaching experience, Kate brings to the school an impassioned commitment to developmentally appropriate practice, and nurturing children’s social and emotional lives and their academic talents and interests. In her free time, Kate enjoys music, a variety of outdoor activities, relaxing with friends, and adventuring with her 16-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter.


Sheilah McCauley (2/3 Class) has been a teacher at Milldam for over 14 years, and an active past parent and board member. She has a degree in Human Development and Psychology from the School of Education at Boston College. Through her tenure, Sheilah has focused on the youngest students at Milldam - the 2/3 class. She enjoys the daily interaction of their curiosity and innocence. In her free time Sheilah enjoys, cooking, skiing, swimming, traveling and spending time with her family.


Gail Gray (3/4 Class) first came to Milldam in 1994, when the younger of her two daughters began nursery school. In 1996, she continued her association with the school when she became a Professional Assistant. In 2002, Gail became a lead teacher in the 3/4 class. Gail conceived of the Milldam Fun Days program, and continues to direct the program today. When not teaching, Gail enjoys spending time with her family and friends in the Concord area.


Debbie Duggan (4/5 Class) has been at Milldam for 16 years and is a lead teacher in one of the 4/5 classes. She is committed to the co-op environment as well as the social, emotional, and physical development of children that is gained through play. Debbie provides an enriched curriculum with a focus on self-help skills, language/communication skills, and cognitive skills to prepare her students for kindergarten. She lives in Concord with her husband Bill and their 3 children. Debbie enjoys sailing, walking her dog, and traveling with her family.


Ruth Ann Teitelman (4/5 Class) has been part of Milldam for 19 years. Ruth Ann received her B.A. from Pine Manor College. She is drawn to the cooperative aspect of Milldam because she enjoys working closely with both the children and their families. Ruth Ann especially enjoys supporting children as they develop their independence, as well as being part of their individual developmental milestones throughout the school year. When not at Milldam, she enjoys walking her dog, exercising, reading, and spending time with her family.


Nancy Powers (PA, 2/3 Class) joined Milldam in the fall of 2015. Previously, she worked at another cooperative nursery school for 16 years. Nancy is certified as a Lead Toddler/Preschool Teacher through the Department of Early Education and Care. She enjoys working in early childhood education because it's fast paced and each day brings new challenges. She lives in Chelmsford with her husband and has three grown children. In her free time, she enjoys gardening and reading and following Boston sports teams!


Claire Albright (PA, 3/4 Class) came to Milldam in 2015. Claire has over 20 years of experience in the education field working primarily with preschool aged children, as well as experience with special education. She taught preschool for twelve years at Shady Hill School in Cambridge, before coming to Milldam. Claire holds a B.A. in Anthropology from Hartwick College, and a Master's in Education from Lesley University. Outside of her time at Milldam, Claire enjoys being outside, kayaking, walking, hiking with her family. She has a 12-year-old son, Read, and a 9-year-old daughter, Joanna, with her husband Eric.


Lori Hack (PA, 4/5 Class) was thrilled to join the staff of Milldam in 2013, after her son completed two years with the school. Before coming to Milldam Nursery School, Lori worked as a Financial Analyst for BayBank. Lori has been working with children all of her life and was employed by many local families as a babysitter for over 30 years. In the fall of 2016, Lori completed her Teacher Certification course. Literacy is important to develop in young preschool children and Lori’s passion is to help her students develop a love of books through reading stories to the class. When not at Milldam, Lori enjoys spending time with her son and husband and traveling to places rich in history.


Suellen Wheeler (PA, 2/3 Class) came to Milldam in 1995, when her daughter joined the 3/4 class. She left her career in marketing to raise her three children, and then returned to Milldam as a substitute in 2016. She will be taking the teacher certification class in the fall, while she is working with Sheilah in the MWF 2/3 class. In her free time Suellen enjoys spending time with her family and friends, walking, running, skiing, and playing tennis.


Beverly (Bev) Castrichini (PA, 4/5 Class) happily joined the Milldam family in 2018. She has a BS in Physical Education (K-12) from UMASS/Amherst. She has been teaching preschool for more than 15 years in Concord. Bev enjoys the natural energy and enthusiasm that children bring to school and share with classmates through play. Bev enjoys spending time with family and friends, exercising, boating, crafting, reading, and traveling.


Terry Hoey (substitute) has been part of the Milldam family of staff since 2014. She holds a BA in Communications and English from Simmons College and an MBA from Babson College. Terry is working towards her early childhood certification. Prior to joining Milldam, she worked in the financial/banking field. She served on the PTG Board at Willard Elementary School and as President and Vice President at The Fenn School. She sent three children to Milldam, and during their time at the school she served as the Budget Treasurer. Terry made some of her closest friends during the Milldam years and her children did as well. She deeply enjoys preschool age children and most loves their curiosity and seeing them grow! Outside Milldam, Terry enjoys trying to learn how to play tennis and golf, spin classes and visiting her adult children.

All of our teachers are licensed as preschool and infant/toddler teachers by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care.