Play is the best context in which children learn. At Milldam Nursery School, our curriculum helps children become independent, negotiate conflicts, and build relationships. Through the combination of self-directed play and guidance from our educators, students at Milldam Nursery School become real thinkers. Whether the problem is how to negotiate a turn on the tire swing or cooperatively build a block bridge across the classroom, Milldam students acquire the social and critical thinking skills necessary for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Through play, children develop the following skills:

  • Problem Solving
  • Critical Thinking
  • Sharing and Cooperation
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Our classroom activities and materials encourage independence, decision-making, and improving cognitive skills. Our director, teachers, and assistants collaborate fully to refine and improve our curriculum each year. Classroom materials are meticulously selected for their ability to develop specific skills for Milldam Nursery School students.

  • Building materials, such as blocks, support critical thinking
  • Art materials, such as paint and clay, support creativity
  • Outdoor play, such as bikes and our climbing structure, support gross motor skills
  • Dramatic play materials, such as costumes and every day objects, support imagination and social skills
  • Books and tapes support early literacy

Daily Schedule

Our classrooms provide consistent and safe daily routine. Each day at Milldam Nursery School, children follow a loose schedule that includes:

  • Self-directed activities that allow children to follow their interests
  • Teacher-led lessons that help the students master specific skills, such as the proper use of scissors or holding a pencil
  • Group meeting, which facilitates communication skills and instills confidence
  • Storytime, which supports early literacy
  • Outdoor Play, because movement is an essential component of developmentally appropriate practice as children learn by doing
  • Snack Time, which facilitates community building

Thematic and Emergent Learning

Each month at Milldam Nursery School, teachers design curriculum around a specific theme. Thematic materials and activities that are interwoven throughout our curriculum are thoughtfully selected by our educators to specifically support learning in the areas of literacy, art, math, and science.

When our educators identify a theme about which the students are particularly enthusiastic, they will continue to drill deeper into that subject to support the particular interests and passions of the children in the class.


Outdoor Play

At Milldam Nursery School, we prioritize our students' connection to the outdoors. Each classroom spends time every day outdoors, rain or shine. We have three dedicated outdoor spaces, including our play yard, hard scape and grassy area. Each vastly different space aids in the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Enrichment Programs


All Milldam classes participate in a weekly music class for 30 minutes.  Milldam uses music to help children to learn vocabulary, improve articulation, understand rhythm, and express themselves creatively.  Milldam Nursery School has partnered with local musician Tim Seston, who incorporates classic children’s songs of all genres with his own original compositions. Learn more about Tim Seston by visiting his website at:

Dramatic Arts

All children in the 4/5 classes participate in a weekly dramatic arts class for 30 minutes in our second semester.  Like music, the dramatic arts provide our educators with a fantastic teaching tool to help children understand narratives, gain confidence, and express themselves creatively.  Milldam Nursery School has partnered with Concord Youth Theater for their dramatic arts program. Learn more about Concord Youth Theater by visiting their website at:

Field Trips

Our field trips are designed to introduce the children to the world around them, and specifically address what it means to be a part of a community that works cooperatively. Every field trip is within walking distance to the school.

  • Post Office
  • Department of Public Works
  • Concord Museum
  • Concord Art Association
  • Concord Public Library
  • Concord Fire Station

Classroom Visits

Our classroom visitors enrich and augment our curriculum by bringing some of the best programs right to Milldam Nursery School.

  • Mass Audubon
  • New England Aquarium
  • Puppeteer Lindsay Aucella
  • Eyes on Owls
  • Fire Station
  • Rhythm Kids