Our Mission and Philosophy


Milldam Nursery School provides a solid foundation of knowledge that encourages a lifetime of emotional, social, cognitive and physical growth. Our co-operative school offers children and their families a communal learning environment, which emphasizes relationship building and hands-on learning through play.


At Milldam Nursery School, we support the intellectual, emotional, and social growth of our students by providing a developmentally appropriate environment for learning through play.  When children play, they follow their natural instincts, explore things about which they’re curious, and as a result learn in the best way possible. It is through play that children develop their imaginations, master social skills, and learn to solve both simple and complex problems.

Parent Testimonials

The Milldam family...

“We moved to Concord without knowing a soul in town. Milldam has provided an absolutely wonderful community for our family! We have made amazing friends and felt warmly welcomed to the area.”

— Sam

Activities for all...

“Milldam's variety of activities is beyond impressive. From every artistic medium you can imagine, to bicycles for riding outdoors, to the outdoor play areas, to sleds for winter, to weekly musical sing-a-longs, our children's lives are deeply enriched by their Milldam experience. ”

— Jodi

The best teachers in town...

“We have found the teachers at Milldam to be among the most qualified, dedicated, caring people we have ever met. They bring a compassion and commitment to their classrooms that nurture each little one's inner confidence, kindness, and curiosity.”

— Jack