Honor your past by supporting our future

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Milldam Nursery School - fifty years of growing the roots of our families within our community, fifty years of successfully educating our children in a play-based environment, and fifty years of investing in the future of our school and town at large.

Each Milldam family has a unique story, but by joining the Milldam community, we share the desire to provide our children with a secure foundation as they start independent lives. Milldam’s connection to the community through collaborations with Concord Museum, the Umbrella Community Arts Center, Concord Art, and the Concord Free Public Library defines our school and molds our students into conscientious citizens.

To honor the success of the last 50 years, Milldam has embarked on a campaign to ensure the stories of our families and community continue to spark our imaginations and empower our leadership.

Donate Now

In lieu of online donations, checks may be mailed to the school. Please download a pledge card here and following the instructions within.

We have selected two projects to support in honor of our 50th anniversary. The first is the Concord Free Public Library, which embodies the values of our school and the second is a refurbishment effort to update our classrooms.

In collaboration with the Concord Free Public Library’s exciting renovation project, a generous Milldam donation will commission a large, bronze, rubber ducky sculpture, an original work of art designed by the nationally acclaimed sculptor, Nancy Schon, best known for the Make Way for Ducklings sculpture in the Boston Public Gardens. This tactile, interactive gift, “Milly” the Milldam Duck will greet students and families in the CFPL’s newly renovated gathering areas, solidifying the mutually advantageous relationship between MNS and our community.

Additionally, a smaller portion of our appeal will help ensure that the Milldam traditions, begun 50 years ago by the visionary dreams of local Concord parents, will continue with dignity for the newest generations. Refurbishing our school classrooms with new tables, chairs, and storage cabinets is an overdue and well deserved upgrade to our current classrooms.

Our campaign strives to secure $85,000, of which $50,000 will fund the library sculpture, and the remainder to be used on refurbishing the school. Through this collaboration with the library, Milldam once again exhibits its leadership by kick starting the library’s Connecting our Community campaign, which serves to encourage partnerships between the library and civic organizations.

Our success is based on fifty years of volunteers and commitment from each of you! Thank you to all who came before. Join us to ensure the next generations thrive at Milldam Nursery School!

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